Hasan A.

Mr. Evan George is the best!! Phenomenal, Professional, knowledgeable and Compassionate: Mr. George is the best immigration lawyer ever! He took my case even though my home country is one of the most difficult countries to deal with in immigration law especially in nowadays political climate. He treated me like a family member, prepared me very well for the immigration interview and did a simulation like he is the officer asking me questions (it really helped me to boost my confidence). My case was not an easy one, even though it took so long to win the case (4 years and 3 months), he kept responding to my emails and kept helping me with forms and legal papers. He was always there for me in every step reassuring me that we are going to win the case because we deserve it. His knowledge, experience, work ethics and compassion are phenomenal. I highly recommend Mr. Evan George for any immigration case!